The Advantages Of Metal Detector Door

August 14, 2019
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The digital metal detector door uses international advanced digital detection technology, which is specially used to detect and prevent metal and alloy objects hidden in people. It has high safety, strong applicability, high sensitivity, wide detection range, strong resistance to external interference, 24 hours of intelligent service, simultaneous sound and light alarm, and has reached the world's leading level in quality, effect and technical parameters. The sensitivity can be adjusted, the metal object with the size of the paper clip can be detected, and the location of the metal can be distinguished. The user can also set the size, volume and weight of the metal to eliminate coins, key belt buckles, etc. ,Call the police. For places where you need to prevent the loss of precious metal items, such as enterprises, factories, banks, private luxury homes, etc.!
The metal detector door has a waterproof foot cover on the upper and lower sides of the door, which is waterproof, fireproof and anti-corrosive.
Six overlapping metal detection areas, using current digital pulse technology, interactive transmission and reception, accurately determine the location of metal objects.
The main chassis panel comes with an LED light display module, which can visually see the position of the human body carrying hidden items.
Fully automatic coil winding and host patch production can achieve more accurate detection results, with continuous working characteristics.
Each detection area has 100 levels of sensitive procedures that can be adjusted arbitrarily. In order to meet the different prohibited items detected by the customer, the possible parts of the metal items can be pre-set according to the actual use, and the volume, weight and size can be adjusted appropriately. False positives for items such as buckles, keys, jewelry, coins, etc., the highest sensitivity can detect a metal of a paper clip size.
The composite circuit design allows the signal frequency to be freely adjusted. The advanced scattering type infrared scanning is used to quickly capture the sensing signal, and the multiple detectors installed on the grid are not interfered with each other.
The powerful DSP signal processing digital filtering system uses the most advanced magnetic compatibility technology in the world to form excellent anti-electromagnetic interference capability and strong resistance to touch and collision.
Built-in self-diagnostic program, power-on self-test, automatic error prompting and automatic measurement and display of interference in the surrounding environment.
Automatic statistics through the number of people and the number of alarms, the accuracy rate of 100%.
Password protection, only allows the personnel to operate, prevent unauthorized persons from changing parameters, no maintenance, no need to periodically calibrate.
The reserved RS-485 communication interface can be networked with multiple computers to monitor and count usage, and the remote control device can be configured according to user requirements.
In line with international safety standards, there is no negative effect on cardiac pacemakers, pregnant women, magnetic floppy disks, video tapes, tapes, and film records in the human body.