The Function Of Metal Detector Doors In Different Occasions

August 14, 2019
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Different types of metal detectors have different functions. The higher the price of the metal detector door, the larger the model. Sometimes, the metal type detected can be more abundant. The metal detector door is mainly used for checking security. People and their luggage and backpacks carry hidden metal.


The so-called hidden metal here does not mean ordinary steel or metal belts. Sometimes it is possible to carry a small amount of gold and silver jewelry, but if you carry too many gold and silver jewelry, for example, dozens of kilograms of gold, such When things go through security, they are smuggled. When they carry so much gold or other rare metals, they will be detected by metal detectors. This is the most important function of metal detectors. It is to prevent smuggling and security. The protection is actually far less effective than the security check.
The metal detector door is to ensure that China's rare metal resources do not continuously flow out of the country, and to prevent some illegal weapons carried by the lawless elements. In addition to the use of metal detectors at these times, it also has a function to be used in schools. With the continuous development of electronic technology, the way in which cheating in exams in schools is becoming more and more electronic, so metal detectors will appear in the college entrance examination or in some important large-scale examinations to detect whether students carry cheating. Props, when using metal detector doors, must be operated by professional personnel next to them, can not let other people to operate, once the metal detector door is opened, it can not be closed at will.


Metal detector door function and special place function

The metal detector door is protected and set up by a special password. The metal detector door must be approved and approved by the relevant leader to open it. The non-related personnel have no right and no password to open. The metal detector door is preferably carried out every six months. The warranty is once, and it is best to carry out continuous maintenance and oiling inside. The oiling is very important for the metal detector door, because the friction loss of most parts inside the metal detector is very serious, and the oiling is beneficial to reduce the temperature of these parts. Increases lubricity and part life.