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1800mm Tunnel Cargo X Ray Television Introscope For Pallet Inspection

Place of Origin Guangdong, China
Brand Name Securina
Certification FCC-SDoC, CE
Model Number SA150180
Minimum Order Quantity 1 set
Price $4999 - $29999/set
Packaging Details Carton or wooden case
Delivery Time 5-10 working days after payment confirmation
Payment Terms L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability 5000 sets/month
Product Details
Item Name Cargo X-Ray Television Introscope For Pallet Inspection Tunnel Size 1500mm×1800mm Height
Scanning Image 4 Color Image Display Penetration 32-43mm Steel In Option
Conveyor Max Load 2000kg X-ray Generator 160KV In Standard, 200KV, 300KV In Option
High Light

1800mm Tunnel X Ray Television Introscope


Cargo X Ray Television Introscope


Pallet Inspection X Ray Scanner

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Product Description

1800mm Height Tunnel Cargo X-Ray Television Introscope For Pallet Inspection


1800mm Tunnel Cargo X Ray Television Introscope For Pallet Inspection 0


SA150180 Cargo X-Ray Television Introscope for pallet inspection:

For inspection of baggage and cargo, an X-ray television introscope is usually used - a device that has one or more sources of X-ray radiation. The X-ray television introscope is used not only at airports for baggage screening and customs terminals for cargo screening. In recent years, in connection with terrorist threats, the Securina X-ray introscope is actively used in subways, railway and bus stations, business centers, sports facilities, logistic warehouse and post offices. The main purpose - inspection of baggage and cargo in order to identify items and substances prohibited for transportation (weapons, explosives, drugs, etc.). Baggage inspection is carried out with the most modern means of equipment, the introduction of innovative methods is the main task of Securina Systems. In some cases, the introscope is used in industrial production to control the packed raw materials entering the technological lines.


Securina Introscope and Principles of Operation:

The principle of operation of the introscope can be found in detail in the operating instructions that accompany each device. In general, an X-ray introscope consists of a metal case, which contains an X-ray generator, a line of detectors and a conveyor along which the object under study moves. A tunnel with special shutters is provided. An introscope control panel and an information display monitor are also included.
The scanning procedure is carried out as follows: for example, an item or baggage is put into an introscope on a conveyor and along the conveyor is moved between a working X-ray tube and radiation detectors. Depending on the density of the object (and its components), some of the radiation energy is lost. The residual energy is converted by the detectors into electrical signals processed by the processor unit. As a result, a projection (shadow X-ray television image) of the object is generated, on which its internal structure can be seen. In the case of baggage scanning, the contents of the baggage. That is, the denser the object, the less radiation hits the detectors. The signal from the detectors goes to the computer, which displays the image on the monitor.

Introscope for inspection of baggage and cargo is completely safe for humans. The energy generated by X-ray tubes is small in order to harm inanimate objects as well as food. Almost all X-ray radiation is limited by the body, and the entrances and exits to the tunnel are equipped with shutters made of a special polymer with the addition of heavy metals (for example, lead). They effectively shield radiation.


SA150180 Cargo X-Ray Television Introscope specifications:

Tunnel size(mm) 1500(L)*1800(W)
Conveyor Speed(m/s) 0.5
Conveyor height(mm) 350
Conveyor Max Load(kgs) 2000
X ray dose per each inspection 1.5 μGy
X ray leakage <0.25 μGy / h
Penetration 36-43mm steel
Wire Resolution dia 0.0787mm copper wire (AWG40)
Penetration Resolution dia 0.16mm copper wire (AWG34) under three-step aluminum wedge 9.5mm, 15.9mm, 22.2mm
Spatial resolution: dia1.0mm,Vertical: dia1.0mm
Power Consumption max. 2KW
Noise < 58 dB
Film Safety Guarantee ASA/ISO1600 Film
X-ray Generator (single)  
Anode Voltage 160-200 KV
Anode power 0.4-1.2mA (adjustable)
Generate direct 80 degree downward
Cooling / Duty Cycle from top to bottom
Brand Spellman
Image System  
X-ray Sensor L-Shaped Photodiode Array (multi-energetic) , 12bit Deep
Image Display High resolution of 1024 * 1280 pixel; Image Grey Level: 4096
Image Enhancement 1-64times enlargement continuity, Color/BW, negative, high/low
penetration, organic /inorganic Stripping, general enhancement, and pseudo color, etc.
Image Recall All preceding images recallable, retrieval
Explosives & Narcotics Detection Explosives & narcotics alarm and highlight according to atomic number signature
High Density Region Alarm Impenetrable region alarm and highlight, for possible concealing of threats and contrabands
Threat Image Projection Inserting fictional, but realistic images of threat items into baggage during screening operation, for maintenance of vigilance, as well as training and assessment of image identification capability
Image Archive Up to 100,000 images stored automatically, enable transferring to USB disk, and converting to JPG, BMP and other general formats
Miscellaneous Functions Time/date display, counters, user management, system-on/X-ray-on timers, power on self test, built-in diagnostic facilities, dual-direction scanning, system log, system standby and stimulant training, ADS etc.
Network Applications Multiple remote applications available based on Ethernet LAN and windows platform, such as image centralized storage and identify, recheck workstation, and network TIP, etc ( Optional) .
Images process 24bit real time processing ,4colors analysis, Images displayed marked date and ID NO ,Count the number of bags
Operating Environment  
Operation temperature/Humidity 0ºC-45ºC / 5%-95%(non-condensing)
Storage Temperature/Humidity -40ºCto 70ºC / 5%-95%(non-condensing)
Operation Power 220VAC(±10%) 50±3Hz (Optional: 100VAC,110VAC,120VAC,200VAC)
UPS 15mins, 30mins, 60mins etc, optional

1800mm Tunnel Cargo X Ray Television Introscope For Pallet Inspection 11800mm Tunnel Cargo X Ray Television Introscope For Pallet Inspection 2