So important for installing security metal detectors in schools ! ! !

September 5, 2022
Latest company news about So important for installing security metal detectors in schools ! ! !

It's the beginning of the school year again, and the children usher in a new semester.

Why do schools use security gates(door frame metal detector)? Students are the flowers of the country, and these underage students need more protection. Although every school is guarded by security, in order to prevent dangerous items such as murder weapons from entering the school, it is obviously unrealistic to conduct a full body search of everyone entering and leaving the school.

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However, if the school installs full-body metal detectors, the metal detector security gate can effectively detect dangerous objects (daggers, knives, explosives, etc.) carried by people entering and leaving the school, and then quickly and effectively prevent these dangerous objects from entering the school. Protect the safety of the campus and effectively protect the lives of teachers and students in the school.


For the location of the multi-zone walk-through metal detector, it is best to choose the gate and the entrance of each passage. At the entry, choose an outdoor security metal detector, which can be waterproof, rainproof, and shockproof; in the teaching building, you can choose an indoor security walk through gate. The sensitivity of walk through safety gate can be adjusted according to the actual situation, so as to achieve the best detection and alarm effect. Archway metal detector is best not to have large metal objects within the installation range, to avoid crowding of students, to ensure that students pass the security check in a safe and orderly manner.


The most common use of metal detector walk through gate is in various airports and parking lots, but some people may think that this is not necessary equipment, but without the help of this equipment, it will be very difficult to maintain order, and there is no guarantee that it can be all prohibited items are detected, which will threaten the safety of passengers and the public. Let's take a look at the necessity of installing security inspection equipment(walk through metal detectors):

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The first is the issue of order. Passing through a door, passengers can queue up consciously without having to organize. This can not only save manpower and material resources at the airport, but also allow passengers to register step by step, without having to be in a hurry. If there is a mistake in the chaos, It is easy to delay the boarding time.


Second, some passengers wore a sun hat and entered the security gate, and when the hat was uncovered, there was a pet, a turtle; This old smoker wanted to smoke before boarding the plane and hide the lighter in his mouth... There are tens of thousands of air passengers who go through security checks every day, and they carry all kinds of strange items. According to the instructions of the alarm light, a close inspection can be carried out to find out the metal source, which can be used as a reference detection.


That is to say, the main function of the body metal detector is to ensure the safety of passengers. Everyone should consciously pass the detection equipment and be responsible for others and themselves. Through the initial value setting of the equipment, the shape and weight of the metal can be controlled. If there is more than the set weight, quantity or shape of metal objects, the pre-equipment data does not match, then the metal detector gate alarm will be triggered, so as to complete the detection accurately and easily.


The role of the school security gate scanner is to make security detection for the security of the school, mainly to conduct security checks for visitors, and also to be used for the security of the examination room and anti-cheating detection.


Security check gate features:

1. Rainproof design: The country's exclusive rainproof design can work normally in the open air without blocking.

2. Anti-vibration design: stand in the middle of the door and pat the door panels on both sides with your hands, the door will not be falsely reported.

3. Sensitivity adjustment: Sensitivity can be adjusted as needed, with a total of 100 levels of sensitivity.

4. The material of the arch metal detector body: the exterior is made of painted PVC, and the sides are aluminum alloy pillars, which are rainproof, fireproof, anti-collision, and will not be scratched. The all-aluminum chassis is fast and durable.

5. Archway metal detectors are harmless to pacemaker wearers, pregnant women, magnetic media, etc.


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