Security X Ray Baggage Scanner with Windows 7 Operation System (Competitive Price)

July 4, 2022
Latest company news about Security X Ray Baggage Scanner with Windows 7 Operation System (Competitive Price)

Security X Ray Baggage Scanner with Windows 7 Operation System (Competitive Price)


Security X-ray Scanner (named: introscope in Russia) is a special X-ray device that allows you to study the internal structure of an object and the processes occurring in it without the need to open it. Security baggage scanners (Introscopes) are widely used for screening personal belongings at airports, train stations and metro stations. Currently, there are many types of security x ray screening system, but the use of a single view is the most economic choice because of its convenience and relative simplicity. In this case, the so-called X-ray diffraction analysis is carried out - due to the diffraction scattering of radiation, a projection of the internal structure of the object is created.


Analysis of X-ray losses at different energy levels allows the security x-ray scanner (introscope) to determine the materials of objects by their effective atomic number, dividing them into three groups: organic, inorganic and intermediate. Depending on the material, they are displayed on the monitor in yellow, blue or green respectively.


It should be noted that the security x-ray scanner (introscope) is safe for inspected objects, since the energy of the emitting X-ray tubes is low - it ranges from 100 to 160 kiloelectronvolts. This is not enough to harm inanimate objects or food. As for the people nearby, the body of the introscope/scanner reliably protects them from radiation. The only place where the radiation can go outside is the entrance and exit curtains. They are made of a special polymer with the addition of heavy metals, in particular lead, and shield radiation quite well. But at the moment the baggage passes through them, they open, and part of the radiation goes out. Therefore, you should not climb inside the introscope/scanner in order to quickly pick up your suitcase.

latest company news about Security X Ray Baggage Scanner with Windows 7 Operation System (Competitive Price)  0

Securina is a professional manufacturer, supplier and factory from China, now launch the windows 7 operating security x-ray system with 20inch monitors, support more competitive prices, and provide alternative solutions for customers with budget control.


Windows 7 operation system with advantages:


Modularization: The internal circuit structure of the equipment adopts the modular design idea, and through the reasonable layout design, the anti-interference ability of the equipment is improved, the equipment is stable in operation and easy to maintain;


Digitization: The hardware system adopts the latest ASIC full-digital solution design, IN-depth deep acquisition technology, compared with the analog acquisition scheme, optimized circuit design, high integration, strong anti-interference ability, apparent imaging effect, etc.;


Intelligent: The software system integrates RTOS real-time image processing system, AI intelligent induction recognition function, TIP dangerous goods insertion, dangerous goods auxiliary alarm, remote control management, fast image backup and other practical functions;


Automation: The system integrates functions such as one-key switch on/off, infrared energy-saving induction, emergency alarm prompt, fault self-check, etc.;


All of our security x-ray baggage scanner adopt windows 7 operating system with function as below:


Dangerous goods insertion function: The software system integrates the TIP dangerous goods picture insertion function. After the function is turned on, the software automatically selects the dangerous goods pictures in the dangerous goods database and automatically integrates the images according to the implantation frequency set by the user. Testing the operator's recognition rate of prohibited items.


Image processing function: The software system integrates a variety of mixed image processing functions, such as super increase, local increase, enlargement, brightening, gray and white, inverse color, edge enhancement and other combined functions, and a variety of image processing functions can be used and saved at the same time


Partial magnification function: Partial magnification function can be used for small items


Intelligent measurement tool: Select the imaging object to be measured on the interface through the shortcut operation of the mouse, and the system intelligently analyzes the size of the object and displays it


Dangerous goods frame selection mark: It has the function of dangerous goods frame selection mark, and the marked items are stored independently and named independently, which is convenient for operators to view and save the dangerous goods data


One-screen multi-display function: the current scanned image and the saved historical image data can be simultaneously displayed on the display interface, which is convenient for the operator to view the data


Ultra-thin item scanning function: scan and detect ultra-thin items through shortcut key mode


Quick operation function: The software system provides a variety of quick operation functions, such as mouse wheel zoom function, historical picture dragging and viewing function, item testing function


Image quick copy function: when the device is connected to a U disk, it can automatically detect the U disk, display the capacity of the U disk through a dialog box, and select the number of copied pictures, etc.;


Substance classification alarm function: for the selected substance with a specific atomic number, it will be prompted by flashing gray


Data statistics function: After the system is powered on, it can automatically count the running system, such as the number of switches, shutdown times, abnormal shutdown times, and working time of the radiation source, which is convenient for equipment maintenance.


Auxiliary reminder function: When the equipment has an abnormal failure, it can be prompted through the virtual status light, fault code or alarm mode.


Intelligent scanning function: The system can intelligently control the operation and stop of the conveyor belt, and the image can be scanned in both forward and reverse operation.


Safety protection function: When an abnormal situation occurs during the operation of the equipment, the operator can stop the operation of the radiation source and the conveyor belt through the emergency button, and give an alarm.


Intelligent sub-package storage function: When the detected items are scanned and imaged at an interval of 10cm and are not overlapped, the software system can intelligently sub-package storage


Intelligent data filtering function: the software can intelligently filter out invalid blank image data, which is beneficial to display more scanned images on the screen


Multi-format data storage: For scanning imaging data, operators can choose to save as jpeg, bmp, DATA and other data storage formats


Multi-mode display: The system software can be set to a single image display mode and an image panning display mode, where the panning display can be set to image from left to right or from right to left.

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