How to Choose a Good Walk Through Metal Detector

August 12, 2019
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How to Choose a Good Walk Through Metal Detector


1. The ability of metal signal detection is a sign of the technical strength of a metal detector manufacturer. The manufacturer with good technology can detect both non-ferrous and ferrous metals equally, and can detect smaller metals under the condition of good stability. The sensitivity control is very clear. If the sensitivity of the security door with poor quality is slightly raised, it will alarm if it passes through without anything, and the sensitivity is slightly lowered, it will require a large amount of metal to pass before it can alarm. This kind of security gate is caused by poor performance of internal circuit design and non-linearity of control, so it can not be used.

2. Electromagnetic wave has directionality, so it also has directionality in metal detection. The signal generated on the surface with more cutting electromagnetic wave* is stronger, and the signal generated on the surface with less cutting electromagnetic wave* is weaker. The technologically excellent manufacturer can homogenize the directivity of magnetic field, so there is little difference in the effect of detecting metal objects in all directions in the same detection area of the security gate; if the difference is large, the greater the missing report, so the user should choose the product with good homogenization effect of directional detection. Choose the same kind of metal to be carried by the tester through each location of the security gate, and pass the metal in different directions in each location, select the products with less omission.

3. The outer door frame material of the security gate is also one of the important links that affect the quality of the security gate. Security gates are designed as independent doorframes. The door panels equipped with sensors are thin and long in shape. They are only five or six centimeters thick (5cm-6cm) and more than 220 centimeters long (220CM). At present, most domestic enterprises use wood chaff board or high-density wood fiberboard as security door shell; as we all know, wood chaff board or high-density wood fiberboard is very easy to absorb moisture and get wet, and it will deform, disperse and disintegrate after several months; especially in coastal areas, because of the humid air and long rainy season, they buy these safety products. The product can not be used for a short time after the door is checked. The CIKU security gate attaches great importance to product quality. The outer shell is made of high strength PVC material and the door frame is made of aluminium alloy. This material is not easy to deform and will not be damped.

4. It has a strong anti-seismic capability. When subjected to external force vibration, it will not be like other security doors, when its LCD screen will clearly display the words "vibration protection". CIKU metal detection security door can set multiple working frequencies, so that multiple devices work side by side without interference; the world's leading anti-vibration design, when the door body sways can not be misreported, other brands of security door (including foreign) door panels once the earthquake began to alarm, until the end of the vibration.

5. National testing standards. In order to standardize production, two sets of mandatory production and inspection standards, GB15210-1994 and GB15210-2003, have been issued. The metal detectors produced by good security equipment manufacturers can meet the GB15210-2003 standard. Many low-cost products in China can only meet the GB15210-1994 standard.