What is an SKD Walk Through Metal Detector?

November 30, 2020
Latest company news about What is an SKD Walk Through Metal Detector?

What is an SKD Walk Through Metal Detector?


The term SKD stands for “Semi Knocked-Down”. It is another type of manufacturing process which the automotive manufacturers adapt. In this process, the manufacturer partially strips down a walk-through metal detector at the origin and reassembles it in another country. However, the manufacturers cannot sell them immediately as an SKD unit. So, it needs some more manufacturing or assembly once the device reaches its destination country as SKD unit. However, such walk-through metal detector may also need to undergo the assembly, inspection, quality control, and testing before they leave the manufacturing plant. They also need to undergo the “Pre-Delivery Inspection” or the PDI at the dealerships/distributors before handing over to the end customers.

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Tariffs are taxes on imports. They effectively raise the prices of those imports, providing an edge to domestic companies in the same markets. Governments usually impose tariffs to help domestic companies, or sometimes to punish foreign competitors for unfair trading practices. However, tariffs can also have harmful consequences for domestic companies, especially ones in related industries, as well as consumers.



The SKD process also helps the manufacturers save taxes in the destination country. Many countries levy more tax for fully imported products such as the machine. So, the cost of these device increases in such countries. However, for “Semi Knocked-Down” units, the tax rate is different. So, the SKD is also a popular choice for the manufacturers across the world.

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Securina Detection System Co., Limited as a professional manufacturer and supplier of security metal detectors from China, open the way for SKD cooperation now. Before discussing the SKD cooperation way, should evaluate your situation that whether you have the ability to assembly the walk-through metal detectors in your country.

1. Professional engineer team with after-sales experience on WTMD

2. Need to appoint a production supervisor to visit our factory to learn the production process

3. Sufficient space and site for equipment assembly and debugging

4. Cooperation for WTMD(Walk Through Metal Detectors) SKD MOQ: 50sets


More details kindly send email to sebrina@securinadetection.com

Also can check a news on our website: https://www.securinadetection.com/new/How-to-produce-a-walk-through-metal-detector.html

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One of the most important issues facing security services is the issue of ensuring safety in crowded places. A walk-through metal detector is a great help in such cases.



The arched metal detector got its name due to the design features - in the form of an arch, in the side walls of which there are sensors, and the control unit on the upper crossbar. Installed in the doorway, the arched metal detector allows you to check all incoming people for the presence of firearms or edged weapons, as well as other prohibited items. Thanks to new technologies, a modern arch metal detector can not only indicate the presence of, for example, a knife, but also determine which pocket it is in. Such an arched metal detector is called multi-zone. A single-zone arched metal detector only indicates the presence or absence of prohibited items. Typically, an arched metal detector has the ability to adjust the sensitivity of the scanner, which allows you to calibrate the size of the detected metal objects.



In addition, the arch metal detector can be programmed to detect targets and ignore the rest. Such an arched metal detector avoids theft in production and reduces alarms caused by belt buckles or keys. You can also find a hand-held metal detector in our catalog to detect metal objects prohibited to carry.

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To prevent the door frame metal detector from being conspicuous, it can be decorated with wood or plastic. This option allows the arched metal detector to harmoniously fit into any interior and not embarrass incoming people with its design. According to the mounting method, the arched metal detector can be stationary and portable. The portable arch metal detector can be easily assembled or disassembled and moved to a new location. Usually Fixed-type arched metal detector is used in places where there is a large flow of people and where special security conditions are required, for example, at airports, train stations and stadiums, etc. However, the arched metal detector is also used in offices and industrial enterprises. In addition, there are arched detectors that can be used outdoors.



In the catalogue of our company, you can choose such an arched metal detector that will ideally match your security tasks, whether it be the detection of weapons or other items prohibited to carry.



Attached a video of Securina walk through metal detector installation guide: